Machine Learning/AI / IoT / Blockchain

Organizing : FIXER Inc.

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This is a group for anyone interested about how new technologies can change and improve businesses. We are focusing on Machine Learning/AI, IoT, Blockchain, and enterprise solutions. We started this group to meet engineer enthusiasts.

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Ended 2018/09/13(Thu) 19:00〜

The Value of Design for Business

FabrizioCalogero FabrizioCalogero

東京都港区芝浦1丁目2番3号 シーバンスS館


Ended 2018/06/29(Fri) 19:00〜

Embracing the Power of the Cloud

FabrizioCalogero FabrizioCalogero

東京都港区芝浦1丁目2番3号 シーバンスS館


Ended 2017/10/16(Mon) 19:00〜

The Future of Enterprise Solutions

Nicolas Duchemin Nicolas Duchemin

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  • Nicolas Duchemin
  • FabrizioCalogero

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